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“We have the goal to deliver an experience so great that the customer will return and recommend us then we are on the path to success.”

Sonali Bank Limted, Kolkata Branch has started banking operation at Kolkata, India in the year 1974 under RBI licence no Cal.16/1974. It is a member of Indian Banks Association (IBA), Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) and Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India (FEDAI). Sonali Bank Limited is a regular corporate Tax payer to Indian Govt. under PAN AAECS8723P.  Since its operation started the bank is facilitating Export–Import business between Bangladesh and India by which the business activities of the two neighbouring countries is expanding day by day. Considering the potentiality of Indo-Bangla Export-Import business in the eastern part of both of the country, another Branch has been opened at Siliguri in 2001. Comprising the two branches (Kolkata and Siliguri Branch) Sonali Bank limited, India Operation has been formed and operated. From the very beginning Sonali Bank is providing retail banking services to the Indian nationals like opening and maintenance of different types of deposit, etc accounts. Side by side we are providing the services like Foreign Bills Negotiation, Discounting, Purchase, etc. L/C advising is also a significant service of our Branch. We are also a very small player of the call money market and govt. Securities market as well. For maintaining daily position of Foreign Exchange, we deal with the UCO Bank, Mumbai through any one of the broker listed with us for buying & selling of US Dollar. But to provide funded/non-funded facility to the Local Exporter and Importer is the key function of Sonali Bank Limited, India Operation.
Another key function we are servicing which should be mentioned that most of the Indian Banks are doing export-import business with Bangladesh and they are aggressively marketing to capture more business within their grip. To overcome the competitive situation successfully we are maintaining most of the Bangladeshi Banks VOSTRO accounts. For maintenance of the accounts no minimum balance or maintenance fee is required. We are maintaining alive relationship with the officials of VOSTRO Banks to route more export-import business and payment through SBL Kolkata and Siliguri Br.  
Business Performance:
The deposits of our Bank increased by 12.84% to Rs 82.37 crore over the previous year's level of Rs 73.00 crore. The Bank's policy is to shed high cost bulk deposits and more reliance on retail deposits, which has resulted in increase in retail and low cost Deposit. Advances of our Bank reached Rs 24.54 crore against Rs 23.25 crore in the previous year. Due to limitation of sufficient capital and compliance of single borrower exposure limit, we can’t provide more credit facility to the existing borrower. The Export Business of our Bank rose during the financial 2016-17 and the total export for the year was 7.62 crore. The Investment of our Bank rose by 10.58% to Rs 7.94 crore over the previous year's level of Rs 7.18 crore. Income from Reimbursement and L/C advising Commission of our Bank rose by 35.94% to Rs 7.11 crore over the previous year's level of Rs 5.23 crore. The Operating profit of our Bank increased by 14.58% to Rs 3.38 crore over the previous year's level of Rs 2.95 crore. The expenditure rose by a substantial margin during FY2016-17 in the salary & allowance head because of implementation of new pay scale. In spite of this the profit increased by 14.58%.  It was possible due to Lower cost deposit increase and more earning from investment and commission of Reimbursement & L/C advising. Total advance of the Bank Rs 24.54 crore which against Net Non Performing Asset Rs 1.53 i.e. 6%. Required provision is maintaining 100%.


Capital Structure:
The Bank will be required to improve and strengthen its capital planning processes to support future business growth. Our Bank is not adequately capitalised as per the current requirements under Basel III. The Tier I capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of our Bank stood at 15.57%, as against the RBI minimum requirement of 14.33% as on March 2016.

New Initiatives:
In 2016-17, our Bank took a number of new business initiatives which may be mentioned as under:

  • Yearly one/two Training Program should be organised by us with the participation of the officials of at least any one/two of the VOSTRO Banks and invited them to visit Kolkata.
  • To be more competitive we have revised the rate of rebate as well as reimbursement commission wef 01.04.2017.
  • We have a plan to arrange one get together/views exchange program in presence of our Honourable Managing Director & CEO with all VOSTRO Banks CEO’s and or chief of International Business in a year at Dhaka.
  • Meet the customer program with participation of present and potential customer of our Branch.
  • Taken initiatives to incorporate name screening software with our Branch CBS software System.
  • Arrange an effective training program for all of the officer and staff of the Branch on AML/KYC.
  • Make arrangement to any of a leading Bank in India for introduce shared ATM with a view to provide technology based service to the valued customers.

For the successful performance in the year 2015 I convey my heartfelt thanks to all of my colleagues for their dedication, professionalism, commitments and honesty to our valuable clients. I believe that all the officer and staffs of the Bank are working as a team to perform the Business challenges. I convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to Sonali Bank Limited Board of Directors, Managing Directors & CEO and all the senior Executives of Head Office, Dhaka and Local advisory Board. I hope the Bank will continue its trend of success in future by taking support from the Board and authority of Sonali Bank Limited, Head Office as well as cooperation from all of my colleagues.

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Disclosure on Risk Based Capital ( Basel-II)-2014::

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 Corporate Banking Project Finance SME Finance Remittance Lease Finance Consumer Credit Trade Finance Loan Syndication Foreign Exchange Dealing International Trade NGO-Linkage Loan Consumer Credit Investment Government Treasury Function Money Market Operation Rural and Micro credit Capital Market Operation Special Small Loan